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This is a summary of my Italian site, an overview dedicated to English speakers.

For more details, please take a look at the other pages of the website.

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Your company wants to promote its products and brand image in French-speaking countries.

You look not only for visibility, but also for long lasting and quality business relationships.

You need to communicate with your French-speaking subsidiaries.

The documents you wish to have translated into French are written in Italian, English or German.

I am a native French-speaker and a qualified member of AITI (the first and largest association of professional translators and interpreters in Italy). Moreover, I’m certified according to UNI 11591:2022 (in compliance with ISO/IEC 17024:2012).

I have the skills, abilities and knowledge that machine translation will never replace, but I can help you to improve it considerably. I know your cultural context and the language of your sector, but I also need to know your specific needs in order to help you effectively.

Together we will find the solution for your company to achieve its objectives, communicating clearly, effectively and with professional quality in the cultural language of your interlocutors.

Together we will build and maintain your French documental heritage (terminology, standards, corporate culture, etc.).


Entrusting me with the translation of your documents means being able to count on a translator who will understand what your company does, how you do it and how you want to communicate it to the French-speaking markets.

A single point of contact, a professional partner.

UNI 11591:2015 Certification

AITI Qualified Member

A Network of Trusted Colleagues

A French-speaking Market to Conquer


Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to translate texts of various kinds and areas. My experience and continuing education, as well as my interest for specific topics, have led me to specialise in some areas. Over time, I have refined my techniques, consolidated my knowhow and expanded my knowledge of the fields I prefer, also because they are bound to communication and to the culture of sustainability (see below).

Here are some projects concerning Environmental Sustainability and Communication, which I have worked on:

- Natural food for pets
- Waste recycling equipment (English -> French)
- Green car technologies (German/English -> French)
- Report on non-human genetic resources (German -> French)
- Corporate strategy and traceability of agri-food chains (English -> French)
- Aluminium window frames for sustainable building (German -> French)
- Smoking cabins as a protection against passive smoking (English -> French)
- PIM for product communication and customer experience (English -> French)
- PIM and BIM for sustainable building (English -> French)
- Tourism and Food & Wine (Italian/English -> French)

Recent courses attended, particularly interesting and useful for keeping up with the evolution of translation technologies and of my areas of specialisation:

- The language of law
- UX writing and micro-copy
- Cybersecurity
- Translation and reflections on language in NGOs like Amnesty International
- Discovering the world of coffee
- Towards Common European GDPR guidelines for the T&I profession 
- Collaboration in times of Automation
- Communicate on environment in SME
- Packaging and shelf life
- GDPR (last update)
- Riviera Ligure PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- SDL Studio 2021
- Translator/Interpreter skills in a changing market
- Website Localization and UX Writing
- Transcreation
- Sustainable Development Goals
- The value of translation in a key sector of Italy's economy, the agri-food industry
- Postediting and Machine Translation
- Oenology: Terms and Techniques
- High-tech architecture: Passivhaus, BIM, Co-design
- Computer Security
- Marketing and Digital Communication
- Terminology Management
- Translation and Environment
- Food safety 


and renewable energy sources


and biotechnology

Food & Wine

and tourism


and communication


and culture


Translation from Italian, English, German into French of technical-scientific texts (commercial and marketing documents, contracts, websites and social pages, brochures, catalogues, product and safety data sheets, manuals, studies and analyses, etc.)

Revision of human and automatic translations (post-editing)

Glossary creation/checking and linguistic advice

Audio/video transcription into text


One of the customers’ first concerns is the price, which is understandable, but each service has its own specificity and its cost depends on various factors.

If you need large volumes or repetitive texts in a short time or if your budget is limited, you can reduce time and cost with light or full MT post-editing. Even if increasingly advanced, machine translation cannot be of good quality without a professional who does not translate like a machine but interprets - aware of the real world and of the specific terminology of your sector - and therefore corrects errors that may damage your reputation and credibility.

Please do not hesitate to contact me so that I can send you a personalized quote.

Below are the steps of a translation process, always in accordance with the deontological principles of my profession and with the GDPR to ensure data protection.


Feasibility Study


Text Production

Quality Control

Delivery & Feedback


Tell me briefly who you are, what you do and what kind of translation you need.
I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Only technical cookies are used and only contact data are gathered on this website.